Before discussing pets first you should know that which animals can be pets for you? there are so many animals in this world, like cat, dog, snack, parrot, pigeon, these are all considered as pets but mostly you may have heard about a loyal animal this means a dog, a dog is a loyal pet of all time that’s why most people prefer a dog to adopt.

Some people enjoys their every moment and make them to love more their pets. Do you know what does it mean when a dog licks your face? That because they want to show you how much they love you.

Adoption is not a big matter but taking care of your pet is difficult. in spite of all these matters, let’s know something about pets. Do you love your dog or pet? Do you love to groom a dog or a cat and spend a lot of time in playing with them? Do you cry when they get ill? Are these all signs to be addicted to your dog to an extreme level or it is something else? Let’s find out the right answer.

Yesterday one of my best friends asked me a question that what addicts you to your pets and I said instead of all features I going to tell you only seven and the seven signs are written below…..

Which seven Signs Addicts you to your Pets?

Let’s know about a dog.

  • 1 When pets stare at you.
  • 2 Tail Wagging.
  • 3 They never go out of sense when you leave.
  • 4 The way they keep coming for more.
  • 5 They like hugs.
  • 6 Happy and a smiley face.
  • 7 They forget their worries when you give a glance.

Before some time, some kind of weird news was rapidly spread away that dogs don’t like hugs it was merely difficult to swallow for pet keepers/lovers by going through this matter some people were not ready to believe this, but somehow there it was point but after passing some time this was proved as a fake news. this is how it was proved?

When Pets Stare at you:

This is the first sign of love between you and your dog this show that how much you love each other or how much you care about your pet/dog? it also means that dogs don’t hug with their arms they hug you their eyes, according to some dog expert that dog’s stare is a sign of affection for you and it was also concluded a dog that your dog really respects you will make eye contact with you this is what really addicts you towards your pets.

Tail Wagging:

You may have seen so many dogs by wagging their tails, have you ever tried to think about it why they wag their tail whenever they see their owner its because they feel good to see their master they understand that there is the someone who really respects us and gives a pound of love and one who understands us as a family member, such sort of feelings always comes to their heart and they feel relaxed by having a good home.

They never go out of the Sense when you Leave:

you always worry about your dog/pet that what happens with my dog whenever I leave my dog at home all alone or while you go to your office or some kind of work, but don’t worry this is your love for your dog/pet which is making you worry about him/her such type of feelings also comes in the heart of your dog/pet but he/she understands you very well that you are going for to come back.

The way they keep coming for more:

This looks so funny but doing a work again and again this is irritating, isn’t it? have you ever realized that when any dog do some sort of work again and again just like you throw something and you command your dog to fetch it back and he/she never ignores you not even a single chance for that, why? what makes him/her for doing it may be you are unaware of that but that is the love for you which brings back to you, again and again, they really enjoy having fun with you they want to divert your mind from worries.

They Like Hugs:

Hug means creating close connection between you and your dog for this you are helpless you cannot avoid this fact its because you are willing to spend some with your dog/pet and you are doing this activity almost from 2 or 3 years by going for long walk or going into the parks creating pleasure between your dog/pet sitting close with each other this is why they like hugs from their owner.

Happy and Smiley Face:

Happiness comes when you feel that you are free from all troubles, here is the same situation between you and your dog/pet. sometimes you may have observed that your dog is happy and he is showing you all time a smiling face. why whats the reason behind all this. maybe you are unable to understand whats going on with your dog/pet it shows that your dog is emotionally close to you

They forget their worries when give a Glance:

This is final thing for what addicts you towards your pet whenever you look at your dog with a huge amount of love and your dog realize that my owner is everything for me.