If you have dogs that need to be outside or if you have indoor dogs that enjoy going outside without a leash, then a residential kennel might be an option to consider. You can find kennels of all sizes depending on the kind of dog that you have. There are also different designs to choose from depending on what you want for your dog, such as an attached dog house or a cover to provide shade to stay out of the sun. Before purchasing your kennel, there are a few things that you want to consider so that you don’t get something that’s overwhelming for your pet.

Setup Of The Kennel

One of the things that you need to consider about dog kennels for residential use is the setup in the yard. If you have a larger dog, then a kennel that is made of a strong material and that can be cemented into the yard would be the best option. This will keep the dog from getting out as easily. If you have space in the yard, then consider pouring concrete on the ground to make an area where your dog can run around instead of being in the grass all the time. The kennel would then be placed around the cement area. Smaller dogs won’t require as much space, and the setup won’t take as long because the design of the kennel isn’t as extravagant as what you would have for larger dogs.


After the kennel is set up, you need to get the accessories for the inside of the lot. One of the things that you’ll need to get is a dog house. Make sure it’s large enough for the type of dog you have but not too big because you don’t want your pet to feel insecure while inside the home. If you plan to have your dog outside in the winter, then you want to get a few blankets for inside the house or shavings to make a bed inside the house. Don’t leave your dog outside in freezing temperatures if at all possible. Other accessories that you might want to include are water and food bowls and a few toys.


Most kennels have latches on them that will prevent the door from opening. However, if you have a larger dog, then there is a chance that the animal could jump over the side of the kennel or even push the lock open. Get a secure lock with a key for added security. You could also consider getting a kennel with sides that are significantly higher than the dog. A kennel that is about six to eight feet tall is usually a fairly good height to keep dogs inside. A cover over the kennel can also help to keep your dog inside. Try not to position outdoor lights on the kennel that will keep your dog awake, but you need to have some kind of light source available so that you can see your pet when it’s dark.