The most famous breed of dogs is undoubtedly Husky German shepherd Mix. They are strong, courageous, loyal and most responsive to training.

They can sometimes be scary and inappropriate but if an owner invested proper time in German shepherd training so this issue could be eliminated.

As they are proved as lovable pets around the globe, so their training plays an important role. They have very strong muscles and heavy structured body. They are protective by nature and sometimes aggressive for strangers.

Though they have a large sized body and they are strong, powerful but obedient for their owners and are enough to guard their family.

German shepherd, due to their body looks and tone they are used for police and intelligence agencies as guard dogs. What differentiates them from other dogs? They are a different breed, they are originated by Germany.

German shepherd Average Weight

There are conflicts exists regarding the weight of German shepherd. A healthy adult male German shepherd weighs more than 90 lbs while an adult female German shepherd weight is little less around 70 pounds. It is more likely that your German shepherd will get these weights as adults.

Also, owners can expect their male German shepherd grown up with the average of 70 to 90 pounds or more although it is also fine that female shepherd will end up with the average of 50 to 70 pounds. These are not too large dogs but they are big, strong enough to frighten people even if they showed up friendly temperament or behavior.

Height & Weight of German Shepherd Dog

For Males:

  • The least Height of male German shepherd lies between 60 cm to 65 cm or 23.62 inches to 25.59 inches.
  • The weightof male German shepherd 30 kg to 40 kg. or 66.14 pounds to 88.18 pounds, while the approx. Midrange is 77 pounds)

For Females:

  • The normal or average height of female German shepherdis from 55 cm to 60 cm or 21.65 inches to 23.62 inches.
  • The average weight ranges from 22 kg to 32 kg or 48.5 pounds to 70.55 pounds, Midrange for female German shepherd is 59.5 pounds.

German shepherd Growth Chart

A healthy German shepherd puppy will likely to gain double of birth weight during its first week. A percentage or average of consistent weight gain is 5% to 10%. Sometimes it moderates to ultimate weight gain around 70 times of the birth weight of pup. Owners should be careful and aware of the right flow of puppy’s growth chart, therefore, mentioned below chart will give you a better idea of development stages of puppy and proper growth rate.

This breed dog commonly reaches physical maturity in the development stages of 18 to 24 months. Do not confuse if your dog will take bit more time to mature as Eastern European lines mature slowly and even do not achieve full maturity at the curious age of 36 months. They hold slower growth rate unusually and continue to minimum growth rate till 12 months or after 12 months.

German shepherd growth chart (Age in months and weight accordingly)

Month-wise age Male weight in Pounds Female weight in Pounds
1 9.2 7.2
2 19.9 16.6
3 31.3 26.7
4 41.8 36.2
5 50.6 44
6 57.4 50.1
7 62.6 54.4
8 66.4 57.5
9 69.4 59.7
10 72 61.5
11 74.3 63.1
12 76 64.2