Getting the right bed for your dog is a very important choice to make. You may or may not be aware but different dogs have different requirements when it comes to a bed. With so many choices of dog beds around, a simple google of the term shows there is simply loads of choice, but not all of it is appropriate.

There are a few things to take into account when choosing a bed for your dog that you’ll need to take into account.

Size of the dog

How big is your dog? If it’s a big dog you’ll need a big bed and if it’s a small dog, you’ll need a smaller bed. That much is obvious, but it’s not just about the width and length of the bed. The depth is equally important, as is the material.

Bigger dogs with more muscly frames can be quite happy with your standard mattress beds with simple stuffing or foam filling, but some larger dogs have less muscle on their frames so are quite bony. Breeds like greyhounds and whippets need softer and deeper beds so that there is plenty of support for their spine. A celebrity dog, Luna The Whippet, has recently written a post about testing out a new orthopaedic dog bed. You can read it at

Shape of bed

Beds come in all shapes and sizes, but think about your dog’s own sleeping habits. My dog likes to lie and stretch out. As such a bed with raised sides would not be ideal as she would no longer be able to do so. Other dogs like to curl up into a ball and so a rounder, smaller bed with raised sides might be cosier and more comfortable in that case.

The key thing to think about is how big is your dog and how do they like to sleep? Get that right and get the right bed for your dog and they will thank you by sleeping better and not being grumpy, grouchy and tired. It’s a win-win situation!