Siamese Fighting Fish AKA Betta are lone riders, specially the male Bettas. They prefer to live alone in their own territory. And in most of the cases they tend to attack the fish that comes to their territory. But sometimes you could find a Betta which is civilized enough to tolerate another fish or two under certain precautions. If you own a betta aquarium for your home or office sometimes you might think about some more variations in the tank other than the single betta. Today we shall examine the options for you to find a tank mate for your beloved betta.

But first less discuss about the condition of the surroundings that Betta prefer. They love slightly warmer water. The pH of the water should be neutral that is around 7. Betta loves to flare and swim all over the aquarium. For a single male betta you should provide at least 5 gallons of water. But it is also advisable to not put them in a large tank. It could stress him out. So 5 to 15 gallon is something a betta prefer most. Betta creates very low amount of bio-load.

Considering the betta setup lets find out our options to find a tank mate –

  1. The Zebra Danios Species

Zebra Danio is a solid animal that can deal with some betta aggression. Nonetheless, they may irritate or nibble your betta, so aren’t a great tank partner. They flourish in colder temperatures, a vast tank, and companions (they are a fish that lean toward a school), so aren’t a flawless match.

  1. Guppies

Guppies could be the tank mate but not the colorful ones. Your betta may treat them as a threat. So the dull colored guppies are your best choice. But occasional fin nipping could take place no matter what.

  1. Neon Tetras

Neon Tetras adore warm, higher pH water and plants, so appreciate a similar fish tank condition as bettas. They are a fish that incline toward a school of companions that favor more sizeable gatherings, and could likewise nip at your betta fish’s tail. Along these lines they are a decent match, and some of the time are not – it is best to inspect how your betta responds when you include Neon Tetras before making them perpetual tank mates.

  1. Rasboras

Rasboras are indistinguishable Neon Tetras in that they cherish a similar water conditions however are a fish that requirements their very own greater amount species to be getting it done. Their high action level means they are not as much as impeccable tank colleagues, yet in a sufficiently major tank the blending could work.

Now some of the options that you should never try with your betta as it may lead to even death of certain species.

  1. Gouramis or Cichlids

Gouramis and Cichlids are fundamentally the same as bettas – they swim at the highest point of the fish tank, blow bubbles, and appreciate stowing away around fauna. Tragically, they’re excessively much the same – Gouramis, Cichlids and bettas are remarkably regional and without a doubt shouldn’t be kept in a similar tank.

  1. Chinese Algae Eaters

When they are little, these animals are OK to match with a betta. Lamentably, when they develop to full size they turn combatitive and regional and will likewise turn out to be too substantial to put in a common place as your betta angle.

  1. Goldfish

Goldfish flourish in cooler water temperatures and furthermore discharge a lot of waste, which will be awful for your betta. They are a repulsive sidekick for your betta and are in no way, shape or form a fish that can live with Bettas.