Birds are often viewed as easy to maintain pets when compared to owning a dog or a cat. Unfortunately, this creates false expectations, which may ultimately end up in the bird being abandoned, “set free” or neglected. As none of these scenarios are desirable, it is imperative that every person who is planning to adopt any species of bird is prepared in advance to deal with everything that comes with it. In case you are planning to adopt or buy a bird anytime soon, go through the following and make sure that you are well equipped to welcome your new feathery friend home.

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Birds Can Carry Diseases

Are pet birds usually responsible for making people around them sick? The answer is, no, they are not. Can your bird make you sick? Yes, they can. Although it’s quite uncommon, even pet birds can make you sick. Just like any other animal (including human beings), birds can carry certain diseases and a small number of them are indeed detrimental to human health. It is therefore absolutely necessary that your birds are kept in the best of hygiene.

They can be VERY Noisy

Depending on the species of the bird in question, the sounds they emit can range from anything between pleasant and downright ear-splitting. Of course, the mood of the bird is also responsible for determining the sounds it will emit at any given time, but certain species of parakeets can be extremely shrill. This is why it pays to do your research and make sure that the species you are adopting wouldn’t be inappropriate for the kind of surroundings you live in.

These are Some Seriously Messy Creatures

They poop anywhere and everywhere; that’s something that you have got to come to terms with. Also, they eat in an extremely messy manner so if you see food everywhere both inside and around the cage, don’t be surprised. Fortunately, since they don’t eat anything that’s particularly hard to clean up, it isn’t really a very big problem, but this does mean you will have to spend some time cleaning up after them on a daily basis.

Birds shouldn’t be Alone

Birds are social creatures that live in flocks so if you decide to keep just one of them, make sure that you are giving them the attention they need on a regular basis. It isn’t uncommon to see a depressed bird sitting alone all day in a cage and experts agree that it’s worse than solitary confinement is to a prisoner.

They Need More than Just Seeds

While their dietary requirements can hardly be described as tough to maintain or afford, unfortunately, a lot of owners fail to realize that birds need more than just a bowl of seeds and fresh water to thrive. Depending on the particular species, certain types of fruits, specialized pellets, and vegetables are also necessary to not only keep them in good health but also for the development of their intelligence.

They Need to Trim their Beaks

Most birds and especially parakeets need to keep their beaks trimmed throughout their lifetime to protect against overgrowth, which could potentially end up starving them. In order for this to happen, they will fervently chew on most things and that may include your furniture! In order to keep this from happening, you will need to provide your birds with chew toys and keep them away from furniture if they don’t always stay in their cage.

One other thing to keep in mind is that if you already have cats and/or dogs, it’s best not to expose your new bird to them right away. See how your old pet reacts to the new one and vice-versa before even considering it. If you think you are ready to handle all the things mentioned here, you are truly ready to welcome your first bird home.