In order to accommodate horses and provide them with a healthy environment, people built barns or stables. Barns are especially large outbuildings facilitated with the essential features that are required for the well-being of horses. Field shelters, on the other hand, are comparably smaller than barns and also include the required facilities needed by horses. Opinions may vary but building a field shelter instead of a barn can prove to be more advantageous. In this article, we will explore the top 4 reasons why field shelters are a better option than barns.

Field Shelters do not require Special Permissions

Both barns and field shelters are outbuildings, which like garages require special permission from your local housing authority for its construction. This permission has been the source of confusion for many residents as well as horse breeders. Regardless of the size of your property, you will need special permission from your municipal community in order to build any kind of outbuilding. Moreover, there are certain rules you need to follow while constructing your outbuilding which, in most cases compels you to make compromises and potentially ruin your whole project.

However, field shelters can be mobile and don’t have permanent effects on the housing plan in any way. You can build a field shelter without special permission as long as it’s mobile instead of static.

They are Easy to Move

As the name suggests, mobile field shelters are moveable. You can move them around to different locations on your property. This feature can come in handy during various seasons. You can move the mobile field shelter to a warmer place with plenty of sunlight during winters and place it in shade during hot summer months. An optimum external environment is really important to keep the horses healthy. Moreover, you can easily clean the field shelter by moving it to another place.

You can Build them Yourself

Unlike barns, mobile field shelters are small and usually accommodate one or two horses but you can increase the size to add room for more horses if you want. In addition to being smaller, they are also simpler in construction. You can easily create the layout and design of mobile field shelters by reading the online tutorials. Therefore, you can build mobile filed shelters without professional help. This is especially advantageous for people who only keep one or two horses and do not require large stables with extra features that are not only expensive but also a waste of land.

Mobile Field Shelters are Less Expensive

This is probably the biggest advantage of mobile filed shelters. They cost way less than a barn or stables. First of all, field shelters are smaller and simpler, so you can built them yourself without hiring professional timber stable makers. Secondly, you can choose the building materials and extra features that are inexpensive. You can plan the budget according to your limitations and eliminate the things that you do not require in your mobile field shelter.