As a pet owner, you’re used to putting your pet’s health first. When it comes to even the smallest signs of illness or distress, you spare no effort to make sure your dog or cat is taken to the vet immediately. But how do you know which vet is the right one for your pet? Just like doctors, different veterinarians have different bedside manners and different things to offer. When you’re looking for the best care from a doctor you and your pet can visit consistently through the year, there are a number of factors you should keep in mind, from location to cost to how well your pet gets along with your vet of choice. If you’re not sure how to find the most qualified veterinarian richmond va has to offer, here are a few pointers to help you out.

Get Recommendations

Whether it’s your sibling, your yoga buddy, or your best friend, someone in your life definitely has a vet they can recommend. Before searching online, ask your friends with pets how they chose their vet, and what factors were important to them in making the choice. If you got your dog from a rescue or shelter, they’ll also have tons of resources for you to check out even before you take your pet home. Many shelters have relationships with local vets. Feel free to take advantage of this while you’re still shopping around.

Go Local

If you live in a big city, you’ll probably have tons of local options to choose from, from small pet hospitals to giant animal clinics, many of them centrally-located. In a small town, making the choice between two or three local vets might be an easier process. However many options you have when it comes to medical care for your pet, choose something that’s local enough to be convenient without compromising the quality of care. For instance, even if there’s a vet within walking distance, they might not be open for emergency hours, or they might not provide the services you need.

See How Your Pet Reacts

Your pet might have its own ideas about a vet. For the first few visits, your pet might be freaked out by going to the vet. However, after a while, your dog or cat will start to develop a relationship to their carer. Because of this, you’ll want to make a decision before too much time goes by. Switching up animal hospitals often could lead your pet to get confused and develop a phobia of the vet, whereas choosing a provider you trust early on will help your pet get used to this person and develop a sense of trust.

Ask Questions

Before settling on someone, you need to know what’s being covered and whether or not you’ll be able to rely on your vet’s services. Ask about emergency hours, coverage plans, and general suggestions for visitation. Ask about pricing and make sure you’re comfortable paying a certain amount for yearly shots and checkups. Most of all, get a feel for your vet and make sure they’re someone you can trust as well as your pet.