It seems that humans are no longer the only ones to get benefits from CBD. Budding entrepreneurs have marketed CBD for pets, a non-prescription CBD drug for animals.

It’s the product of 17 years of research, development and testing, but CBD is finally a reality. You may soon be able to buy this CBD medicine to treat your pet, in an effort to improve his quality of life.

Everything is made possible by the fact that the CBD comes from hemp, a non-psychotropic member of the cannabis family. This means that there is no THC and that the animals are not technically “smashed”. The product has no side effects and that noticeable results are seen in just one week after a small dose. In addition, as it is made from legal hemp sources, the drug should be legal worldwide (unless a country has special rules for CBD).

Clinical trials of the drug have shown that it can be used effectively to treat animals with diabetes, cancer, arthritis, chronic pain, nausea and animals receiving palliative care. It also appears that the drug can be used as a daily supplement to reduce aggression, anxiety and long-term obesity. CannaSalus also suggests that long-term consumption could prolong the lives of our dear companions.


The launch of CBD products is not a total surprise. Many veterinarians report increased interest among pet owners in administering cannabis, especially in Canada.

Dr. Katherine Kramer, a veterinarian at Vancouver Animal Welfare Hospital, says she has watched this fashion live. Although she cannot legally authorize or recommend the use of cannabis as a treatment for animals, she can give advice for administration and safe dosages, to prevent owners from injuring their animals if they decide to cross the cap. And while she reports that homeowners still tend to overdose their pets, she has seen the benefits of this treatment live. She hopes that medical cannabis can become a recognized form of treatment for animals.

This is just the beginning, but the notion that cannabis can be used to heal our animals is gaining ground. As cannabis is increasingly recognized, and people are discovering its benefits on their animals, it is hoped that all this will eventually lead to more research on the subject of cannabis for humans, as well as acceptance broader cannabis.