Very beneficial for dogs, cats and other pets, Spirulina gives them a silky coat, provided and shine, strengthens the body, strengthens natural defenses, improves performance…

Spirulina is a sweet micro algae. It contains 60% protein   but also a large number of amino acids, vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium and chromium. Very rich in phycocyanin, spirulina has exceptional antioxidant properties. Used as a dietary supplement in humans for many years, it begins to be used in animal feed with similar success.

The benefits of spirulina for pets

It is recommended for senior animals, convalescent or weak. All animal species can take this dietary supplement: from fish to hen going through the dog, the cat, the horse …
This nutrient strengthens the body, strengthens the natural defenses, improves the performances …
Its indications are multiple:
Convalescence of diseases: piroplasmosis of spirulina for dog
Bad general condition: rickets, weight loss, cancer …
Aging: beneficial action of antis oxidants, sensors of free radicals at the origin of cellular aging.

Positive action in the field arthritic, so for osteoarthritis of dogs and cats.

Improved sports performance as in humans .. And also against hair loss! (by the action of fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements) …

It should be noted that some breeders add spirulina to their diet, and the eggs they lay are clearly of better quality.

The benefits of spirulina for horses

Race, riding school or company horses consume spirulina on a regular basis

The important combination of nutrients offered by spirulina strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to infections.  It also allows a development of muscle mass, a quick recovery for sport horses after sustained efforts but also for convalescent horses, and better fertility.

In short: Spirulina keeps your pet healthy longer. It also allows him to recover faster after exercise or after an illness.

The dosage ranges from a teaspoon for a cat to a tablespoon for a large dog. For a horse, we recommend 2 tablespoons a day, against 1 for ponies.
Spirulina twigs are to be added to the ration.