Choosing a Bengal cat for the first time is not easy. First, you need to determine the health status and the breed. This is important since Bengal cats are a cross breed of normal cats and leopards. Thus, you need details on the two main factors.

With the right guide, it will be easy for you to adopt the right Bengal cat. You are only a few steps away from finding your new best Bengal friend.

Chose the right generation

Bengal cats are mainly classified in two generations; the early generation and the Stud Book Generation (SBT). They may seem alike, from their outward appearance. It is, however, worth noting that the earlier the Bengal cat generation is, the closer they are to their leopard lineage. The SBT generation of Bengal cats is recognised as pets, as they have the characters of pets.

Fur pattern

Fur is what most people focus on. This is what portrays the real beauty of the Bengal cats. The prints are available in two main types; spotted and marbled. These are the two main variations, although every cat has its unique pattern. The colours also range from white to brown. The colour shades also vary from warm golden to creamy white, while others have a glimmering sheen and glitter.

Get the best breeder

When buying a Bengal cat, ensure the cattery you choose is verified. They can help in identifying a breed that is right, and one that is substandard. This helps you to find the right breed among the Bengal kittens for sale. The right breed will have all the right characteristics of a Bengal cat. Get a breeder whose record is spotless.

Male or female cat

When it comes to the gender of Bengals, make your decision based on facts. It is said that the females are loyal, while the males are mischievous. The truth is that each Bengal cat has their own character that is not influenced by their sex. Both sexes of Bengals are great but differ in size. The males tend to be bigger than females.

Kitten health

When choosing a Bengal kitten, health is a main factor of consideration. Finding a kitten that is healthy and also matching your specifications becomes very challenging. Ask for the information that you need about healthy Bengal kittens.

Adopting a Bengal cat is most effective while they are still very young. This is the perfect time to create the perfect bond. Enjoy their playful and friendly nature. Remember, the cats are a close breed to leopards, so they are able to jump very high. They are also able to run very fast. The cats are very friendly and require much attention.