The cat is an animal strongly attached to its territory, its organization is very important: it must meet all the specific needs of the cat under penalty of appearing anxiety disorders.

It is the enrichment of the interior space of the cat, whether it has access to the outside or not, that will play a big role in its development.

The different living areas of the cat

The territory of the cat is organized with different feeding areas, hunting, rest, play, reproduction, disposal, and toilet.

When the cat lives in an apartment, his life is limited. Some areas do not exist (such as hunting) but can be confused. Nevertheless, care must be taken that the disposal area is far enough away from the feeding area (bowls).


Most cat toys use the reproduction of predation; hunter instinct is still present.

  • The objects to be chased must be light and small so that the cat can send it to himself and run after it. There are a large number of balls, mice, stuffed toys and various toys that the cat can pursue. Some toys can be filled with catnip to stimulate the animal even more.
  • Many toys are available in various forms (mouse, bag, ball) sometimes in fur. The cat then amuses himself in capturing his prey by advancing gently belly on the ground then jumping on the object with the anterior ones. Some prefer larger toys that they can plow with their hind legs.
  • There are also toys that cling to a vertical support (wall) type fishing rod, attractive objects are then suspended: soft toys with bells, feathers, and they allow your cat to play even in your absence.

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Cat trees, scratching posts and hiding places

In nature, cats can be potential prey. They use the jump a lot to reach high places and thus go to the shelter. But the cat is also a formidable predator which hides in height to observe his prey without being seen. It is therefore important to let your cat reach high places. There are very sophisticated cat trees that offer cats play areas, hiding places, rest and promontories high enough.

If your home is not big enough to accommodate a large cat tree, you can still increase the available space for your cat by offering a smaller cat tree but placing it in serve to compensate your cat to access a shelf or the top of furniture for example.

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A good hiding place

 Does your cat’s transport crate only serve you for holidays and annual visits to the veterinarian? One idea is to always leave the crate without a door available to your cat. Install a comfortable cushion inside. This will make a good hiding place and a place where your cat can rest quietly. Another advantage: your cat will no longer have the phobia of this transport case and will agree to enter it easily during your travels!